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October 2001 Archive

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WILLS WILL SWILL (published 6 October 2001)
Prince Digs Sighthill

In an unfeasible attempt to appear hip and indeed trendy, Prince Vilhelm of this parish has decided to take up digs in Sighthill.

The Royal one has decided to snub the fashionable environs of St Andrews during his time at the university known as a corner of Scotland that is forever England. Instead, he shall muck in with the jolly inhabitants of one of Glasgow's more 'happening' regions.

Residents of Sighthill, renowned for its friendly welcome to all foreigners, are believed to be delighted at the imminent arrival. One shaven-headed and tattooed member of the local community centre table tennis team, Agnes Monster, commented demurely, 'Come on, then.'

NUMPTIDAMUS (published 6 October 2001)
16th Century French Physician Predicts Hibs Early Exit from Europe

'And the rabbit shall slide from obscenity.' Thus spake Nostradamus squillions of eons ago which many have now interpreted as the spooky foretelling of Hibernian Football Club's fate in European competition.

Promoting his upcoming compilation of Nostradamus's Greatest Hits, Let's Believe Anything, Gullible Hypebender, a dead clever type academic explains:

'Well it's all perfectly straightforward. The rabbit is obviously a reference to the Easter Bunny and Hibs do play at Easter Road. The 'slide' is a play on the words Greece and grease. Hibs were beaten by AEK Athens and so can be said to have slipped in Greece.

'And the obscenity refers to the oft misheard Eufa Cup. Simple really.'

Other alarming revelations from Mr Hypebender's tome include this obvious reference to allegations of coughing the right answers in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire audience:

'The throats of cheats shall sour the bread.'

WHO WANTS TO BE A CHEATING BASTARD? (published 13 October 2001)
cheating bastardSpecial edition of the much loved quiz type prog featuring great cheats through the ages.
Click here to view.

You'll need Flash for this, folks...and turn up the volume...

ARMY CHIC FOR M&S (published 13 October 2001)
SOS (Save Our Stores)

Army AnnieTroubled high street retailers, Marx and Spengels, yesterday revealed its new line in combat gear which it hopes will save them from imminent meltdown.

The store has hired dead classy designer, Finlay Flashpants, to help rejuvenate their image.

'We're gonna sex it up,' squealed Finlay, a little over-excitedly. 'Our gear will reflect the resurgent desire for camouflage and netting, whilst tastefully offsetting the greens and greys with a stunning combination of twin set teflon diamante chiffon taffeta pantie girdles and socks.

'And of course, this season's must have accessory, the gas mask, shall be worn draped ever so jauntily over a fake fox stole whilst the wearer adopts an air of officer aloofness.'

When questioned about the aptness of these swanky new duds given the present climate, Finlay replied, 'Oh that's cute. What language is that you are speaking?'

RECKLESS GOES MEGA (published 20 October 2001)

Comedy Nirvana is Here

UK HumourIn a major internet coup, the Daily Reckless has swallowed up premier comedy site UK Humour, formerly Aboot UK Humour. recently laid off 300 of its internet guides and 60 staff in the wake of the current economic crisis, effectively axing their UK operation.

Because UK Humour was such a huge resource for British comedy fans, the Reckless has kindly agreed to take it under its wing and teach it a thing or two about comedy.

So, from today, you can explore the vast resources, articles and special features now available right here.

What are you waiting for? Hey, this stuff is free.

UK Humour (a Daily Reckless production)


FOXES TAKING THE PISS (published 27 October 2001)
"We're havin' a ball!"


Now that fox hunting has been banned in Scotland, reports are flooding in suggesting the brush-tailed little blighters are running amok.

Our picture above (taken by our man in the field) reveals the latest craze of leap-sheeping spreading throughout the country.

A spokesperson for foxes everywhere, Reynard Anlong, said, 'Boom, boom!'

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