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Daily Reckless Daily Reckless
I am editor of the Daily Reckless - an online parody of tabloids with a Scottish twist. Awarded 5 stars by Internet Magazine and voted No. 1 Humour site in Internet Monthly.
As recommended by the National Press
"Very funny. Jolly satirical" - The Scotsman

About UK Humour All Info About Comedy
I am also the comedy correspondent for the All Info About network. I manage all new content, write weekly articles and add sundry bits and pieces.

Misheard Lyrics
Collection of Flash animations of severely misunderstood words, including Godzilla Queen and Unchained Bellamy.

Originally intended as a spoof Scottish version of Yahoo, soon descended into an anarchic Flash mix of manic verse and general buffoonery.
Oscar Mild and his Irritable Owl
Keep up with the hopelessly unwitty Oscar as he attempts to emulate his almost namesake.
Mad Cows Bite Back
Another little comic slice from the UK Humour site. Bovine banter for the easily amoosed.
Gonny No
The ultimate Scots translator. Guaranteed to raise a smile. From the Yahoots stable. Articles
Here is a collection of the articles I contributed to About UK Humour.
The Wit and Wisdom of Bernard Manning
Yes, that's right. The sophisticated repartee of Manchester's favourite comedy son laid bare.
Daily Reckless Archives
A quick introduction to the vast back catalogue of the Reckless.
The genteel companion to the Reckless launched in response to a thirst for all things fashionable and foody.
The Philosophy Generator
Handy service for busy people who don't have the time to read huge tomes of Philosophical musings.
Column for the Scottish Web ruminating on the important issues of the day.

Crown logoWeb Developer
Maintaining and publishing on the Scottish Executive web site.
UK Humour For all your comedy needs

Daily Reckless
Daily Reckless


Flash shenanigans

Chevron Bang - The Internut ManChevron Bang
The best British comedy audio clips around.

gun Gangsta Rap
What is your British Gangsta Rappa name?

newspaperComedy News
All the latest happenings in British Humour

How to win a million the easy way.

DrinkHow Drunk Are You?
Test your reflexes in this simple test.

In brief
Bluff your way in Literature
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