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Blue Powerups

Blue Powerups are helpful, and will give you special items to help you remove blocks faster to get a higher score. They are:

Magnets - hold the ball to the paddle.

Rockets - to shoot at the blocks.

Direction - enables you to control the movement of the ball.

Exploding Balls - blow up several blocks each time you hit one.

Stretch - stretch the size of your paddle.

Multiply - multiply the number of balls on the screen.

Slower - slow down the speed of the ball.

Slice - cuts straight through the blocks.

1 Up - extra life.

Dynamite - explodes fire blocks.

Exploder - increases fire blocks.

End - explodes remaining blocks when only one viable block left.

Red Powerups are harmful and will hinder your ability to remove the blocks. They are:

Sword - causes instant death of a paddle.

Shrinker - shrinks the size of the paddle.

Mouth - takes bites out of the paddle.

Block Dropper - lowers the blocks each time you hit the ball.

Speed - increases the speed of the ball.

Invisible - turns the ball invisible.

Rain - rains down a series of bad powerups.